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Welcome to Regional Airways Alliance!!

1) All we ask is that you complete 1 flight every 30 days.

2) We have No Route Data Base. If you cannot look up your own route on Flightaware, please do not apply.

3) If you do not get a Welcome Aboard Email with in 24hrs, Please contact us. Also check your spam Folder

" Happy Flying "


Pilot Recruiting Status: OPEN
Staff Recruiting Status: OPEN
Total Pilots: 8
Total Flights: 819
Total Flights Today: 4
Total Flight Hours: 1,386 hrs
Total Pax Carried: 48,879
Total Fuel Burned: 3,862,525 lbs
Total Flight Miles: 1,592,940 nm
Total Schedules: 0
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RAA4181 Jim Sims has filed a PIREP from KHLN to KDEN View Flight Report

RAA2 Ray Grimm - COO has filed a PIREP from KTVC to KORD View Flight Report

RAA2 Ray Grimm - COO has filed a PIREP from KORD to KTVC View Flight Report

RAA1 Mike Grimm - CEO has filed a PIREP from KORD to KTVC View Flight Report

RAA4554 Melek Israel has filed a PIREP from KDCA to KATL View Flight Report

Regional Airways Alliance
Our Regional Airlines
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Pen Air Kenmore Air Ravn Air Trans States
GoJet Airlines Great Lakes SkyWest Cape Air
Island Air Endeavor Air Nantucket Airlines Envoy Air
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We are bringing you the largest regional virtual airline to the people who love to fly on VATSIM & OFFLINE that enjoy the regional aircraft experience. All pilot applicants must have a vaild VATSIM ID for verification.


We simulate the real world Operations of all North America Regional Airlines as closely as we can to include Delta Connection, United Express, American Eagle, US Airways, Alaska and Charter Operations Etc.


We have a custom ACARS for all pilot reporting. You will be able to look up real world route schedules from flightaware.


Regional Airways Alliance has a combined 1,570 destinations across North America, Canada and Mexico as well as some seasonal flights.

Live Flights
Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Dist/Time Remain
Ray Grimm - COOSKW5926KTVCKORDArrived0ft0kts0nm / 00:00
Jim SimsSKW5182KHLNKDENArrived0ft0kts1nm / 00:00
May 2017 Greased Landings
SKW4181Jim SimsCRJ2KHLN - KDEN-28 ft/min
SKW4181Jim SimsCRJ7KLAX - KRNO-78 ft/min
SKW2Ray Grimm - COOE170KLAX - CYVR-104 ft/min
Latest News

Now Hiring!!!!

Posted by Mike Grimm - CEO on 05/20/2017

WE ARE NOW HIRING PILOTS!!!!  To maintain a active Pilot with this VA, all you have to do is complete 1 flight per month on VATSIM or Offline... That's all we require.

To register please click on the Register tab and apply.


Also Please check out our other VA - SpiritVa.org. We will be opening our doors June 3, 201


Thank You


Recent Reports
SKW5182 Jim Sims N479CA-SKYWEST-UE KHLN KDEN 05/29/2017 Pending
SKW5926 Ray Grimm - COO N105SY-SKYWEST-UE KTVC KORD 05/29/2017 Pending
SKW5520 Ray Grimm - COO N107SY-SKYWEST-UE KORD KTVC 05/29/2017 Pending
SKW5520 Mike Grimm - CEO N105SY-SKYWEST-UE KORD KTVC 05/29/2017 Pending
RPA623 Melek Israel KDCA KATL 05/28/2017 Pending